Replica A Lange Sohne 1815 Tourbillon Watches

In 2014, Lange added a new tourbillon movement to the 1815 series. This movement has two patented technologies. One is that the movement will stop when the crown is pulled out, and the small second hand will automatically return to zero. This function is very helpful to accurately adjust the watch. The second patented technology is to pull out the crown to stop the tourbillon frame and automatically return to zero with the small second hand. This is the first time since the tourbillon has been able to adjust the tourbillon Replica Watches to the second accuracy!

Lange’s first tourbillon wrist performance that combines stop-seconds device and reset function has launched a special edition limited edition A Lange Sohne 1815 Tourbillon Replica Watches special edition, which fully combines traditional craftsmanship and modern precision mechanical technology, which can be described as an extraordinary work.