Replica Cartier Cle De Watches

The new Cle De Cartier series presents tactile and visual simple charm with simple innovation, simple outline and simple curve. “Cle” means “key” in French. The new crown design of Cartier Cle De Replica Watches is like a key, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of using keys to wind watches. The watch adheres to the Cartier style, bringing the same enjoyment of touch and vision. Unique design with perfect balance on one side of the watch

The new crown is very large and easy to operate. Functionality is not its only advantage. The watch itself is an exquisite item. The crown is slender and simple, with a sapphire cabochon. The setting process is different from traditional methods: the gem is cleverly embedded in the crown and aligned with the surrounding metal. The rectangular crown looks like the end of the key. According to Cartier’s tradition, a convex sapphire is embedded at the end. Cartier Replica Watches uses a special setting method to make the sapphire and the metal part of the crown completely aligned.