Replica Richard Mille RM056 Watches

The avant-garde barrel form case, the size and shape of 12 screws are the same as the original. The case is made of snow glazed sapphire, not the texture of plastic. The production time of this Replica Watches sapphire crystal case is 3 months, which is an extremely big test for both technology and material. This sapphire structural material has undergone years of research and testing to ensure that it has sufficient hardness and light transmittance.

The mechanical dial is also a highlight of this Richard Mille RM056 Replica Watches, which is unique in shape and fashionable. The hour hand, minute hand, and hour markers on the hollow plate are marked by white dots and filled with luminous materials. The overall workmanship is fine and perfect. In order to match the transparency of the case, the strap adopts a white transparent rubber strap, which is made of nanotechnology, with unparalleled transparency and endurance. The strap design pushes the transparency to the extreme.