Replica Roger Dubuis Hommage Watches

Hommage series’ unique elongated lug design is unique and highly recognizable. The polished and brushed side of the lugs make the entire Replica Watches look more slender. And this is not just as simple as paying attention to aesthetics. Roger Dubuis also performed ergonomic bevel treatment on the lugs to achieve a more perfect contact with the wrist, and enlarge the width between the lugs to improve wearing Time stability. A small lug can be said to be a product of aesthetics and engineering.

Roger Dubuis Hommage Replica Watches respects traditional top watch movements and exquisite decorative techniques, such as guilloche, enamel glazing and the use of mother-of-pearl. Its watches always use classical designs with precious materials, and are often exclusively issued in limited editions, showing a wonderful combination of exquisite aesthetics and the essence of traditional watchmaking.