Replica Rolex Label Noir Design Watches

JB Rolex Label Noir Design Oyster Tourbillon, the first Rolex Replica Watches with tourbillon, JB factory and Label Noir Design official are based on the Rolex Lightning Needle 116400. On the basis of 116400, the entire watch is black-plated from the case, bracelet, hands, and hour markers. The tourbillon movement window is opened at 6 o’clock, the dial pointers and scales are painted dark, and the lightning needle changes from the iconic orange to black, which is very cool.

Rolex Label Noir Design Replica Watches is still in the shape of Rolex green glass, maintaining the classic elements. The inscription of “Milgauss” at 12 o’clock has been changed to “Label Noir”. The bottom cover adopts the same dense bottom shape and screw-in structure of Rolex green glass. The workmanship of the back cover is the same as the overall material, very meticulous, and the lettering on the back cover is clear and powerful, no difference from the genuine product!