Replica Tudor Black Bay Watches

Tudor Black Bay Replica Watches uses copper-aluminum alloy to make the case, which forms a retro effect on the color. At the same time, its surface retains a light metallic luster. As a tool watch, the watch case does not use a large area of ​​polishing, instead of fine frosted marks, even the beveled edge.

The dial scale adopts a peaceful and close dot scale and 3/6/9 Arabic numeral hour markers. The three-dimensional metal scale frame shows the layering of the dial. The brand’s iconic “snowflake” hour hand, pencil minute hand, and diamond-shaped second hand combination originated from a batch of diving watches provided by Tudor to the French Navy in the 1970s. The large crown engraved with a rose-shaped pattern is the representative work of the Tudor diving watch in the early development stage. The mellow historical heritage, full of affectionate cultural accumulation, shape the delicate emotion of Tudor Replica Watches, gentle and elegant.