3K Factory

3K Factory is one of the important manufacturers in the replica watch market. Its products are stable and exquisite, and are well received. The 3K factory focuses on the production of Patek Philippe replica watches, and has developed an integrated movement with top-notch workmanship and meticulous quality inspection. The 3K factory replica watch insists on one-to-one precise mold opening, which truly restores the iconic octagonal design of Patek Philippe. In addition, a high degree of restoration and engraving has also been carried out in terms of size, appearance and even performance. The sapphire crystal glass double-layer anti-glare coating mirror, with the hour markers and hands coated with fluorescent coating, is transparent and makes reading the time more convenient and clear. The brand logo of the 3K factory watch adopts the scanning oil filling technology that is highly similar to the original version. The logo is full of three-dimensionality, which also makes the 3K factory watch more classy. Watch friends who like 3K watches are welcome to enter the GM replica website for consultation and purchase.