AR Factory

AR factory is an essential member of the replica watch market. When everyone is keen to popularize watch knowledge, it has been constantly upgrading and transforming its watchmaking skills to provide consumers with the best replica watches. The replica watches of the AR factory use 904L stainless steel as a selling point to lead the way in the market and open up sales. The most impressive AR factory watches, the Rolex Water Ghost and Datejust, are still able to gain a firm foothold and occupy a certain market share in the face of fierce competition in the Water Ghost series. The best thing that AR factory does is the real Swiss ETA2824 Movement it uses, which is simple and generous, and the workmanship is fine and stable. Choosing a watch from AR factory is a good choice in the case of limited funds. In addition, the smoothness of the Datejust of the AR factory is also one of the best in the market. Because of its popularity, it is often out of stock. We recommend this model to watch friends who pursue stable workmanship.