F1 Factory

Cartier Santos replica watches have always been a series that is popular among players. Among the square watches, Cartier Santos must be one of the most popular styles. F1 factory replica watch Cartier Santos is exquisite in workmanship, high in simulation, accurate in time and less in error. In addition, the case of the F1 factory watch Cartier Santos is very light and thin, which meets the needs of consumers for weight and comfort. The F1 factory spends a lot of money to use calfskin imported from Italy, and the leather surface is embossed with crocodile skin pattern, which is not inferior to ordinary crocodile skin on the market in terms of appearance, texture and feel. The iconic crown is decorated with round beads using a five-axis linkage machine tool. After careful polishing, the bead shape is clear and round. The crown is inlaid with cabochons ground from blue ore, showing a moving luster under the light.