FK Factory

Glashutte original watches are advanced in design, classic in appearance, and at the same time meet the artistic standards of advanced watchmaking, with both innovative ideas and practical value. The FK factory adopts the concept of Glashutte’s original watch for re-engraving, which raises the replica technology of FK factory Glashutte’s replica watch to a new level. The upper and lower double-sided sapphire mirrors are used, and the front and back are coated with anti-reflection layers, which has excellent visibility and gives the watch a simple and elegant temperament to a certain extent. The FK factory watch Glashutte case has an enlarged opening, and the middle case provides a difficult brushed treatment and the lugs are connected naturally and coherently, with sharp edges and corners. More importantly, the replica watch movement of the FK factory uses the SWISS Glashutte 2824 Automatic Movement. Whether it is the thickness of the movement, the position of the balance wheel or the stability, it is a rare high-end replica on the market. In general, FK factory strives to do the best in terms of the restoration of the appearance and the reproduction of the internal functions.