GF Factory

The GF factory is one of the top manufacturers of replica watches, and the replica watch brands mainly involved are Breitling, Cartier and Franck Muller. When talking about Breitling, people will first think of the GF factory. After all, the GF factory is the best factory for replicating Breitling. The re-engraved and restored styles include popular products such as the Ocean Culture Series, Mechanical Timekeeping, and the Avenger Series. We will focus on introducing the new wrist fighter Avenger of GF factory here. Its case is made of titanium metal, which is popular in the aerospace field. The dial is inlaid with very dynamic aviation molded digital hour markers, and is equipped with a luminous coating to ensure excellent legibility. The matte treatment on the satin surface can also largely avoid reflective interference. GF factory watches you can trust.