GR Factory

GR factory replica watch Patek Philippe 5712 has the reputation of “King of Steel”. It is equipped with Swiss Cal.240 PS IRM C LU Automatic Movement, a milestone integrated movement and its parts cooperate with each other to adjust the weight. The balance wheel achieves functional stability and less error. The details of the GR factory watch Patek Philippe 5712 are in place. The positions of the three small dials are very accurate. The hour, minute, second and moon phase hands have the functions of date display, moon phase display and power reserve display. The sapphire mirror is scratch-resistant and has high transparency, no matter what the scene is, you can clearly see the inside of the dial, and the color is consistent with the original. The 316L stainless steel brushed material strap and the push-fold clasp fit the wrist, making it convenient to wear.