JH factory

The JH factory mainly focuses on the production of Rolex Daytona, and rarely involves other brand styles. The styles of JH factory Daytona are very rich, with as many as fifty or sixty styles to choose from. In the early days, the JH factory mainly produced regular Daytonas, and in 2020, it will gradually launch carbon fiber Daytonas, rainbow Daytonas, etc. The carbon fiber customized version of the JH factory replica watch uses nanotechnology imported from Japan to create a full carbon fiber case. The case body and bottom cover are made of high-composite carbon fiber and super luminous powder. The carbon fiber customized Rolex strap of JH factory watch is made of artificial fiber braided strap, which is breathable and comfortable, and has a soft texture. The details have been hand-chamfered and polished by the designer, and the texture is delicate and smooth.