KOR Factory

The size and thickness of the KOR factory watch case are consistent with the original ones. The 316 stainless steel is top polished, and the radian and chamfering are impeccable. The bezel extends to both sides along the curved outline of the lugs, visually connecting with the bracelet naturally, and the texture after polishing and brushing highlights the superiority of the outline of the bezel. The KOR factory replica watch adopts a customized imported movement, which reaches the same pointer height as the original one. The strap can be easily replaced by lightly pressing the button, which is very fast. The bottom of the watch is designed with dense bottom wire drawing, the lettering on the bottom cover is meticulous, and the craftsmanship is very rigorous. KOR factory watches can be said to not only retain traditional elements, but also inject modern essence of fresh elements, fashionable and exquisite.