KY Factory

Longines is a more friendly watch for the public, and it is also a watch that basically conforms to the wearing style of watch friends. Because of this, many replica watch factories are scrambling to open and reproduce Longines, and KY factory is one of them. KY factory has many years of mold opening history in the replica watch market, and has also received a lot of recognition from the public. The Longines mirror of the KY factory replica watch uses a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror, which is clear and transparent, convenient to read the time, and has excellent shock resistance and pressure resistance. The overall color of the Longines dial of the KY factory watch is brilliant. The three-hand design is simple and elegant, and the central axis is properly handled, giving it a full three-dimensional effect. Even the Arabic second hand reading marks on the outer edge of the dial are clearly visible, smooth and full. Whether it is paired with a 316L stainless steel bracelet or a leather strap, it feels lubricated and does not scratch hands, and the craftsmanship is highly restored, making it safe and comfortable to wear. Watch friends who like Longines replica watches can consider KY factory.