KZ Factory

KZ replica watch factory is also a manufacturer specializing in Longines. It has many people-friendly watches, which are loved by many friends in terms of quality and price. The case of the KZ factory replica watch Longines Master Collection is made of 316L stainless steel, which has been polished by the designer many times, and the texture is excellent. The edge of the shell adopts a special arc polishing method, which is full and translucent. The proportions and radians of the case are precisely controlled, and the lines of the middle case and lugs are connected naturally, with a high degree of restoration. The KZ factory watch Longines Master Collection and the original watch consistently use double-sided scratch-resistant sapphire glass mirrors, which are transparent and natural, and the reading time is clearly visible. At the six o’clock position, there is a calendar window similar to a photo frame, with clear layers and clear writing. There is a circle of gear patterns around the head of the screw-in crown, which not only increases the beauty, but also adjusts the time more easily. If you want a Longines replica watch that is comparable to the original, you can consider buying a Longines Master Collection from the KZ factory.