OM Factory

Omega Seamaster is a very popular watch series, and there are many factories making it. There are many styles, ranging from three-handed diving watches to chronograph styles. So far, in the hearts of many watch friends, the Omega Seamaster is the benchmark Rolex Submariner series, and people have a bit of respect for it. The OM factory replica watch Omega Seamaster uses a solid stainless steel case, which is durable. The bezel is made of novel ceramic material and white enamel technology, so that the scale of the word circle is not easy to wear and fade, and the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are also quite good. While ensuring the frosted appearance, it can also ensure that it is smooth and comfortable to wear on the hand. The Omega Seamaster watch mirror of the OM factory watch adopts a dome-shaped sapphire glass mirror surface, which is anti-glare and scratch-resistant. The mirror surface has high transparency and is convenient for reading time. The thick sword-shaped pointer in the center walks steadily on the disk, with the implication of the sword pointing to the deep sea, and also shows the determination and confidence of Omega Seamaster to challenge the limit and conquer the ocean from time to time.