RM Factory

The RM factory has painstakingly developed watchmaking technology, realized the mutual fusion of material innovation and watch structure, and reproduced the extraordinary sports quality of Richard Mille. The RM12-01 replica watch case of the RM factory uses sapphire crystal to create a fully transparent case, forming a technically and visually coherent unified whole. The one-piece bottom plate and case are integrated into one, which enhances the rigidity and impact resistance of the watch. The line design of the dial is inspired by the structural form of the architectural design, and the tubular inclined configuration provides the best torsional rigidity, and also has excellent resistance to thermal changes and corrosion. RM factory watch RM12-01 uses a Swiss standard customized tourbillon movement. Through the sapphire crystal mirror, consumers can clearly see the exquisite workmanship of the movement. The playful combination of round surface treatment and high polish shows the breathtaking watchmaking craftsmanship of RM factory. RM factory breaks through technical barriers to create Richard Mille RM12-01 watch, you deserve it.