T+ Factory

Regarding Richard’s replica watch, KV factory and ZF factory were mainly making it before. These two factories used the method of Seiko movement and deck to make it, but this time the T+ factory replica watch uses an integrated movement to solve the problem. The problem with the previous version that the balance wheel did not work. In terms of overall appearance, T+ factory Richard RM35-2 uses the same original NTPT carbon fiber composite material, the overall details surpass all copies on the market, and the accessories can be interchanged with the original. The mirror surface is made of curved sapphire glass mirror coated with blue film, which is perfectly embedded in the case, and the reflection of blue light under the light is very charming. And the NTPT carbon fiber case can reflect different carbon fiber reflective surfaces at different angles under the sun, which is also the top standard of NTPT carbon fiber. If you like the RM three-needle series, I personally recommend buying the 35 from T+ factory. After all, T+ factory replica watches can achieve this similarity. I think the price-performance ratio is very good! It can even be said to be cost-effective!