TMF Factory

The TMF factory replica watch Hublot re-engraved the original one-to-one model, vividly restoring the design of the original pointer rotation and quick-release strap. The designers of the TMF factory performed a special chamfering treatment on the edge of the watch, which produced a very good geometric effect. The classic round bezel is polished into a hexagonal shape, giving the watch a wonderful three-dimensional effect. The dial has been treated with a circular satin finish, and the curve is smooth and natural, which is harmonious and unified with the watch as a whole. The side of the TMF factory watch is polished, and the brushing is smooth. The crown is a classic screw-in waterproof crown with good performance. The rubber strap and the entire buckle break through the tradition, are very innovative, fit the wrist perfectly, and are light and comfortable to wear. TMF factory Hublot’s bold innovation has created its unique watchmaking skills, friends who like it are welcome to choose and purchase.