TWA Factory

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas 47450 series watch case of TWA factory is made of 316L stainless steel, with a highly recognizable Maltese tooth ring mouth, which is difficult to process. TWA factory spent a lot of time restoring this unique feature. The lugs are designed with clear angles, fine polishing, smooth and natural lines, fit the wrist and are comfortable to wear. The time scale is designed with a slope and coated with a white fluorescent coating, which makes the entire dial more three-dimensional and beautiful, and it is easy to read the time. The design of the dense bottom cover, after careful polishing, has the same anti-magnetic function as the original one. The pattern of sailing and voyage is carefully carved in the middle of the bottom cover, with clear layers and domineering side leakage. TWA factory watch Vacheron Constantin 47450 adopts Swiss movement, which has good stability and accurate time. No matter in terms of appearance or performance, TWA factory replica watches are well restored to genuine products, and watch friends who like them can boldly purchase.