Replica Konstantin Chaykin Watches

The Joker watch is the work of Konstantin Chaykin in 2017. Replica Watches is inspired by the clown, Batman’s number one enemy. The watch not only has clown eyes, nose, mouth, but also clown ears and expressions. There is also a “face” to present the theme of the clock, the watch has a completely different “facial expression”.

The Joker watch has two crowns, which represent the ears of the clown, but the left crown is only used to adjust the moon phase. Konstantin Chaykin Replica Watches are made of stainless steel, brushed and polished. The red mouth is the moon phase function. Unlike the traditional moon phase, the red moon is used here. A certain degree of maintenance is also required on the baffle. In addition to the four suits and screws of poker, there are also 5 polygonal cutouts and a “J” mark on the top.