Replica Richard Mille RM052 Watches

RM052 Skull Tourbillon Replica Watches is a visual interpretation of the skull pattern. The movement bottom plate and splint are made of titanium alloy skull shape, which perfectly integrates the skull pattern into the movement. The high-transparency sapphire crystal glass mirror surface is colorless coating treatment to make the table mirror unobstructed. This hollow design just needs a transparent and clear mirror surface to be more enjoyable.

The grade 5 titanium watch plate that has undergone PVD vacuum coating treatment. The titanium material and PVD treatment ensure the watch’s excellent solidity and surface flatness. When Richard Mille RM052 Replica Watches is at work, the tourbillon is spinning fast in the skull’s mouth, and the gaps between the cage-shaped teeth made of rose gold are faintly visible, giving people not only a mechanical beauty, but also an impossibility. Metaphorical feeling. It can be said to be a kind of reverence for the god of death, or it can be said to be a shock of immortality.