XF Factory

The XF factory is one of the relatively good factories for replicating Panerai technology. The XF factory re-engraves the mold according to the one-to-one genuine product. Whether it is the polishing of the case or the flat finish of the dial scale, it can be compared with the genuine product. The pointer is coated with luminous paint, and the time can be clearly read even in the dark. XF factory watch Panerai is made of 316 stainless steel as a whole, and the grinding and chamfering are in place. The design style of the dense bottom and the drawing technique of the ring are extremely delicate. The appearance and performance of the movement are consistent with the genuine product, and it is stable and shockproof. The entire case of the XF factory replica watch is smooth and round, with a natural and smooth curvature and a hand feel. Friends who like Panerai may wish to try the products produced by XF factory, and you will be full of surprises.