AI Factory

The workmanship of AI Factory’s Patek Philippe starry moon phase watch is obvious to all. The deep starry sky is really charming. In appearance, 38 baguette-shaped diamonds are inlaid on the white gold bezel, which complements the starry sky. In terms of appearance, the AI ​​Factory Replica Watch is really good. Looking at the functions and rules of the dial operation, they are all replicas in place. The AI ​​factory Patek Philippe movement uses a Swiss movement, polished according to the original Cal.240 complex pearl tuo automatic mechanical movement, with accurate travel time, very stable performance, and a very low repair rate. Through the mirror of the back cover, you can see that every detail of the movement is very delicate, the gemstone texture is full, the lettering and patterns are three-dimensional and beautiful, and the overall design of the watch is noble, luxurious and exquisite. The AI ​​Factory strap is made of cowhide, with dense stitching on the edges, making the genuine leather strap more textured and durable. The folding clasp is forged from the same stainless steel as the case, and there is a classic Patek Philippe logo on it, which fully demonstrates the brand style of the watch king.