BL Factory

BL factory is the earliest manufacturer involved in the replica of Rolex Rainbow Daytona. The BL factory has excellent workmanship and the price is reasonable. The background of the rainbow color makes the appearance of the BL factory replica watch Rainbow Daytona uniquely aristocratic and sporty, and has won unanimous praise from many watch friends. Obviously, this is not in vain. The BL factory painstakingly studied and optimized the gradient color of the 36 gemstones on the bezel according to the appearance of the original Rainbow Daytona. The refraction effect is quite good and the colors are bright and eye-catching. Secondly, the Oyster-style easy-to-adjust strap with solid steel links is exquisitely polished. The detail processing is quite in place so that the shipment is slow, but it can also ensure the quality of the BL factory watch. Friends who like Rainbow Daytona may wish to choose the product produced by BL factory, and you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive the package.