K11 Factory

As a model, the Cartier tank is loved by many watch friends for its recognizable appearance and elegant style. The K11 factory has always maintained its own unique characteristics, using a down-to-earth attitude and the spirit of love to study, to make replica watches that are unique to the K11 factory and can be compared with the original ones. Taking the tank W4TA0017 of the K11 factory as an example, the K11 factory has carried out a silver-plating process on the dial, and the printed scale on the dial is full and delicate. The sapphire mirror of the K11 factory replica watch Cartier Tank W4TA0017 is clean and transparent. The design style of the two large needles is matched with the sword-shaped roasted blue hands, giving people a clean and neat feeling. The watch head of K11 factory watch tank W4TA0017 is a push-pull design, which is convenient for debugging. The dark blue bullet-shaped spinel at the top of the watch head gives people a deep and blurred feeling.